Please refer to the schedule in the MINDBODY app for the most update-to-date movements, any cancellations of classes are reflected in the Mindbody app.

All students use the MINDBODY app to book and cancel classes.

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How to book for an Open Class:

1. Download MINDBODY app or Log In via our website
2. Create account (please note that the email you use to sign up with is the email address we send out any cancellation notices if in the event a class is cancelled.)
3. Locate the studio by name ‘Aerial Fitness Studio’ or by postal code ‘338729’
4. Search for the date and time of class you are intending to book. BOOK AS UNPAID. If the class is reflected as ‘CALL’ instead of ‘BOOK’, it can be:

a. You do not have existing credits and that particular class is only opened to students with existing credits.
b. You have existing credits but the class is fully booked. You will have to check back once in a while to see if anyone has cancelled their booking.
c. You have missed the 3 hours cut-off period to book (e.g. if class is at 7pm, you must book/cancel 3 hours before, by 3:59pm). Please Facebook message us to check if there are slots available for you to attend.

5. Email or Facebook message us once you have registered as unpaid and request for payment details. Unpaid students will be removed from class list on class day and will not be guaranteed of a slot.